Download counter strike 1.8


Download the game Counter Strike 1.8 for the computer from Mediafire, with a size of 377 MB, epic group battles taking place in multiple arenas over the Internet, using all means of combat (weapons, bombs), many elements of excitement taking place within Counter Strike 1.8 on the computer, real players with high capabilities. In combat, you will fight alongside them or they will be your enemies.

There are two teams within Counter Strike 1.8, a team of rebel terrorist forces that seek to eliminate security in the region by setting ambushes and placing bombs to carry out terrorist operations, on the other side a team of special police forces who are assigned the task of eliminating terrorists and thwarting their plans.

Although it does not live up to the level of the rest of the battle and fighting games that currently exist, such as the most famous game of all time PUBG Mobile, or Call of Duty, or even Fortnite, the demand for downloading Contra Strike 1.8 continues until now and it enjoys great popularity, Because of their emotional connection to it since childhood, and at the same time because of the simplicity of its battles and their scope not as wide as in other games.

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