Download the original Grand Theft Auto GTA 2 game for PC for free

Download the game GTA 2 for a computer with a size of 300 MB, the Grand Theft Auto 2 game, which was launched for users in 1999 is a qualitative leap in the level and nature of video games, as this "GTA 2" version was an enhancement and documentation of the success of the first version that dealt with mobility Freely in a realistically designed open virtual world and completes a set of different missions to earn money and survive.

The second version, " Grand Theft Auto 2 " of the crime games series GTA, deals with the same principle of play that involves completing the tasks assigned to the player by the game system within a certain period of time. With bank robberies, assassinations, etc., not to mention the importance of being vigilant against enemies and criminals lurking in order to survive and keep playing.

Download GTA 2 game

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