How to download windows 10 iso


Hello every one, here in this post I wanna show you how you can download windows 10 as an iso image or directly to USB flash memory, so stay tuned!! let's start!!

1- First of all go and download the windows 10 installation media as you can see below:

2- After that go and run the windows 10 installation media exe file then click "Accept" :

3- Here as you can see select the second choice which means create installation media:

4- Now choose the windows language that you want, then your windows edition and architecture as you can see below then click next:

5- Here as you can see there are two choices, if you want to make a bootable USB flash drive, select the first one, else select the second one.

6- Click Next then select the destination location that you want to save iso image:

7- That's it, now wait for the file to finish downloading!!

8- Have fun!!

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