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Generals Zero Hour, there are strategy games that are more realistic and inventive, demand a higher level of tactical thinking, and present challenges from both ancient and modern history. The Command & Conquer series, however, has been one of the easiest and most enjoyable series of strategy games to play when it comes to paring down the hours in the quest for pure fun. C&C: Generals, the most recent installment in the over-ten-year-old series, was nevertheless enjoyable despite its overt and nonsensical stereotyping and the all-too-current backdrop of its fake Desert Storm setting.

Generals Zero Hour offers three mini-campaigns for each of the three opposing sides, picking off where the previous year's program left off. Unsurprisingly. With the USA transporting aid and searching for WMDs (which are simple to find in this game), the Chinese fighting terrorist armies, and those choosing to command the GLA must reassemble and harass their two adversaries with covert attacks and biological weapons, EA has once again sexed up current events.

Contest Tanks

EA has added a new single-player mode called Challenge to strengthen what would otherwise be a weak expansion. Challenge is essentially a tribute to Street Fighter and has you playing as your chosen general and taking on eight other generals one at a time in an effort to become the mother of all battlefield commanders. Each general is an expert in a specific field, and based on their abilities, they can use bonuses and special units. Playing as Chinese General Kwai, an expert in armored warfare, for example, will allow you to build tanks inexpensively and earn great bonus skills; yet, he lacks the ability to recruit artillery units and must pay a high price for planes.

Naturally, this wouldn't be much of an expansion pack without some new units, and EA has provided both sides with a good number of improvements and new reinforcements. These include the Chinese Helix helicopters, which can transport the enormous Overlord tanks across the map and drop napalm bombs, the GLA combat bikes that tear across the maps at breakneck speed, and the US Microwave tank, which can reheat a chicken biryani in under five seconds while also reducing enemy buildings to rubble as a happy side effect. A substantial package that puts most add-ons to shame can be obtained by adding a few new General Abilities and new structures, such as the Chinese Internet Centre.

Review of a game
The fact that the seventh game in the series, Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour, was launched 15 years ago is absurd. Fans of strategy games adore this series, and many consider this particular title to be among the greatest in the whole catalog. Actually, this expansion pack gave the series some fantastic new additions.

Three Arms of a Gun
I became engrossed in Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour's narrative. In 2020, when the game is set, The Global Liberation Army, a terrorist group, is causing all kinds of havoc. The world's two major nations, the USA and China, are attempting to stop them.

Your Way, In War
The gameplay of this game has undergone numerous revisions. So much so that many claims it resembles a game like Warcraft more than it does the earlier Command & Conquer titles.

However, what really sets it apart is that you didn't have your "employees" construct anything. It is the overwhelming power of the army you can assemble. It's almost intimidating how many different kinds of artillery you may use in this game! You can employ a sniper, a strong jet, massive tanks, and of course a large number of ground troops.

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