How to transferring a site from one host to another


You might think to yourself that having a WordPress site and managing it is easy. Sometimes you will upload content on the site and that's it. But in fact it is not. Ensuring the security of the site and its information, costs, learning how to work with plugins and thousands of other actions are the issues that you need to learn to manage a site.

One of the actions that you should know as a WordPress site administrator is to transfer your site from one host to another. Join us in this article from Ganja Blog to learn how to transfer a site from one host to another with two different methods:

  • through previous hosts
  • Through the Duplicator plugin
What you read in this article:

Moving WordPress to a new host from a previous host
Moving WordPress to a new host with a Duplicator plugin
What is a duplicator?

Moving WordPress to a new host from a previous host
You must be very careful to do this. Otherwise, it may take a lot of time. So read the steps carefully and try to do them carefully.

In the first step, you need to extract the files from your old WordPress host. To do this, follow the pictures:

After entering cPanel, click on "File manager" from the "FILES" section.

Click on “File manager”.

After entering the "File manager" section, select the "Public-html" folder. Click on “Select All” and right click after all items are selected. Select "Compress" option to compress the files.

Click "Compress" to compress the files

Now you can save the compressed data file in your system. For this, select the "Zip" format.

Save files in zip mode.

In the second step, it's time to upload the compressed file of the old WordPress host to the new host. For this, you need to follow the instructions below:

Follow the path mentioned in the previous section on the new host to which you intend to transfer information. According to the image, click on "Upload" from the options available at the top of the page. Select "Select File" in the opened window. Now it's time to upload the data zip file to the new host.

Select and upload the saved zip file.

After doing this, right-click on the desired file and click "Extract" to extract it from the compressed state.

Click "extract" to extract the file from the compressed state

So far, you have done two easy processes to transfer the site from one host to another. In the third step, you need to output the information from the WordPress database on the old host. To do this, according to the image, after referring to "PHPMyAdmin", "Export" the information. Click on "PHPMyAdmin" to learn the complete information export process. By reading this article, you will learn how to extract information.

How to output information in "PHPMyAdmin"

In the fourth step, you must create a database on the new host so that you can import the information you exported in the previous step. To create a database, just follow the path "MySQL@Database"<"DATABASES" in the control panel of the new host.

Click to create a database

In the opened window, enter the desired name in the empty field. Then click on “Crete Database”.

Choose a desired name for the database.

After returning to the previous page, scroll the mouse a little so that you can choose a password and username for your database. By clicking on "Password Generator" you can use stronger passwords. Fill in the blank fields according to what is said in the straw image.

Fill in the fields.

Now, in order to establish a connection between the user and the database, on the new page, you must activate the "ALL PRIVILEGES" option. And that's it... you managed to create a database on your new host.

Now, in the fifth step of the process of transferring information from one site to another, you must import the information related to WordPress from the old host to the database you created in the new host. Learn how to import information in "PHPMyAdmin" in an article with the same name. After following the path "PHPMyAdmin"<"DATABASES" follow the picture.

Follow the image to import the information

In the sixth step, to edit the information and enter the information in the new database, do the following steps.

 Refer to the "File Manager" section of your host.
 Select the “wp-config.php” folder. Right-click on the file you uploaded in the previous steps according to the tutorial and select "Edit".

Follow the picture

On the new page, enter the information of the new database that you created in the previous step according to what we said below:

DB-NAME: Database name
DB-USER: Database user
DB_PASSWORD: Database password
Save the changes so we can do the final step together. In the last step, you need to update the address of the new hosting domain in the WordPress information. To do this, do the following steps. To do this, select the "wp-option" option in "PHPMyAdmin" of the new host. To edit this option, just find the "siteurl" and "home" records and replace the new domain.

As you can see, the steps of this method are a bit long and time-consuming. The method that we will teach you to transfer the site to a new host is easier; It means transferring the site with the Duplicator plugin.

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