What is a dedicated IP? Benefits of Dedicated IP


What is your knowledge of IP type? Your decision regarding the best IP type may be altered by its many qualities. By being completely aware of the distinctions between dedicated and shared IP, you should be able to construct the greatest website for yourself. We'll give you a clear description of IP before we go into shared IP and its features:

Data and information can be transmitted between devices on the Internet using IP addresses as identifiers. A device's specific address that identifies it on the Internet or a local network is known as its IP address, which stands for "Internet Protocol."

What is a dedicated IP?

As the name suggests, a dedicated IP address is an Internet address that is assigned to a specific server and assigned to a specific (real and legal) person. For example, if you purchase a dedicated IP address, that address is entirely yours.

Purchasing a dedicated server generates a dedicated IP address for you. In other words, if you purchase a dedicated server, you will also receive a dedicated IP address. Some shared hosting companies are well aware of this. So, are they reaping the full benefits of offering the option to purchase a dedicated IP for a website hosted on a shared server? Which option do you prefer?

 Advantages of using dedicated IP

A dedicated IP address might be helpful for a number of things. Even if this form of address isn't appropriate for all websites, you may choose the one that's best for you by weighing the benefits we've given below. These advantages consist of:

Simple access to the place

You can access the server immediately by utilizing a dedicated IP without having to alter the domain's DNS settings! Consider the scenario where you haven't fully launched your website yet and want to check how it will appear on various devices before doing so. A dedicated IP address will be useful to you in this circumstance.

Optimal server management

Using a dedicated IP gives you the opportunity to have more control over the server. One of these characteristics is the capacity for additional customization and carrying out needed operations on the server. Of course, you need your hosting provider's approval for this.

When using email marketing, avoid spam.

We advise using a dedicated IP if you have planned your marketing efforts through email marketing. If you employ shared IPs, any harm caused by your other IP subscribers might also have an impact on how well you perform. This is the name of emails, for instance!

Which type of IP is preferable, dedicated or shared?

A dedicated IP address is essentially a server that you are renting. This will guarantee that you have exclusive use of all server resources. Although it is more expensive, you receive additional storage, security, performance, and bandwidth. Of course, there are still drawbacks to face if you desire a dedicated IP on a shared host, like poor loading time or even restricted control. Additionally, it's conceivable that we won't be able to install SSL for you.

It can be claimed that using a dedicated server is the most dependable technique to keep a website's pages from going offline.

Is on-site SEO successful with dedicated IP?

This query remains one of the most frequently requested ones online despite the obvious response provided by search engines. The use of a dedicated IP does not have any specific impact on a site's SEO, according to search engines like Google. Of course, some experts think that the use of dedicated IP is beneficial for site SEO because of the indirect impact it has on on-site security. A review by experts reveals that this effect is primarily favorable.

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