Download PUBG Mobile 2023 for PC and Android


Download the PUBG Mobile game for the computer with a direct link; the most recent version of the PUBG Mobile game for the computer is now accessible via our website. As the most well-known PUBG Mobile game in the previous three years, we review with you all the specifics and information about downloading the PUBG Mobile game for the computer and running it using the official GameLoop emulator, in addition to The most recent version for Android in apk format.

Information about downloading the PUBG game for PC:

Register :

You have the right to create your new account in the PUBG Mobile game in more than one different way, the most preferred method is to register via a Facebook account, with more options such as Twitter, and Google Play in addition to the App Store, choose an exclusive name for your account, it is worth noting that your friends on Facebook are users of PUBG Mobile game They automatically appear in the friend list inside.

Character setting:

The next step is to customize your character after downloading the PUBG game for Windows 7 and 10 computers or smartphones, in which you can choose a male or female character in addition to specifying facial features, skin color, and hairstyle from among several different options that suit the different tastes of players.

Communication with players:

Enjoy talking with your team members or even with your competitors on the battlefield in a high-fidelity voice through the microphone and headphones of various categories. A stable sound away from cutting provides you with additional fun and unlimited excitement after downloading the PUBG Mobile game for the computer.

On the other hand, you find the advantage of text messaging through private or group chats windows, not to mention the long-mentioned voice commands. These means of communication allow members of the alliance to agree on strategies and plans and ask for help among themselves. Diverse Expressionism.

clothes store :

You can go to this store immediately after downloading the PUBG game for the computer and see what is inside, it includes several sections separated from each other, and each section includes a wide variety of men’s and women’s fashion, the content of the store are constantly updated, it is mentioned that some clothes are temporary or have a limited period.

Innovative designs that you find after downloading the PUBG Mobile game for the computer, including pants, shirts, hats, masks, shoes, uniforms, backpacks, and many more, with countless colors that provide you with renewed looks, gold coins are limited to the ability to buy a few of these clothes, find out the prices yourself After visiting the purchase store.

How to download the PUBG game for PC:

The way to download Pubg on the computer is very easy. If you want to download a game, you download a pubg emulator from the direct link below, and after downloading it, you install it on your device and download any existing updates after running the emulator, and then you are ready to download Pubg by choosing it from among the games that will appear to you in the emulator and then The emulator will download the PUBG game to the computer and start playing it.

Regarding the justification for the free download of the Pubg game for computers without emulators, those in charge of the game download website looked for an alternative method to enable users to download the Pubg mobile game for computers without emulators and play it just like they would on a mobile device. To yet, we have not arrived at a radical solution without issues, and we will update the page as soon as they do. The Pubg computer game will be available for free download via a direct link. In spite of this, we have included a download link for the Pubg game below, and you will always discover that it is cost-free.

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