What Is TubeBuddy? How Using This Tool Can Increase YouTube Channel Growth

You may need a hidden weapon to optimize and expand your YouTube channel, and that weapon may be TubeBuddy. Here are its workings and possible applications.

YouTube has assisted a number of producers in establishing lucrative careers as filmmakers since its inception. Being a YouTuber is one of the most sought-after careers among younger generations. Although building a channel is a lot of labor, there are several tools available to assist you.

TubeBuddy is one of the most well-liked tools for boosting a YouTube channel's popularity. The platform gives you access to a number of features and insightful information you might not have known about.

Exactly what is TubeBuddy? Why should you think about utilizing it? How does it function? Find out now.

What Is TubeBuddy?

A browser add-on is called TubeBuddy. The business, which made its debut in December 2014, wants to give YouTubers the resources they need to expand their channels. Once you've made the initial video, you may use the platform to explore particular topic ideas and properly optimize your material.

When writing in August 2022, TubeBuddy is used by millions of YouTubers. 

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What is the price of TubeBuddy?

The basic tools of the TubeBuddy extension are available for free (which is what I enjoy the most! ), and additional plans range in price from $9 to $49. Bonus: If your channel has fewer than 1000 subscribers, TubeBuddy will give you discounts of up to 50% percent, making it extremely reasonable for new users. The monthly cost of the RisingStarBuddy plan is only $4.50!

When you initially start your channel, their free extension gives a ton of functionality that is amazing, and their subscription plans offer even more features to help you develop more quickly.

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What Does TubeBuddy Allow You To Do?

Let's look at TubeBuddy's top attributes now that you are aware of what it is and how much it costs. The must-try items listed below will aid in the expansion of your YouTube channel.

1. Auto-Translation

One of your goals when starting a YouTube channel may be to reach viewers throughout the world. And if you start to get traction, you could discover that the most effective approach to achieving this is to translate your material into other languages.

With the help of TubeBuddy's auto-translation tool, you can easily translate your descriptions and titles. As a result, you will connect with a far wider audience than if you stuck to one language.

2. Research Topic Keywords

YouTube's search engine functions similarly to Google, with the exception that you are only browsing for videos. Using the appropriate keywords is critical for cutting through the noise, and TubeBuddy provides a number of tools to assist you with this.

If you acquire a license that is more than the Standard edition, you can track numerous keywords. You will find it much easier to optimize your material in this manner, which will attract more attention.

TubeBuddy also provides keyword ranking reports to assist you in better visualizing all of this data.

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3. Split Test Your Video Content

You shouldn't worry about monetizing too much in your early days as a YouTuber. Instead, your major goal should be to discover what works and what doesn't for you. A/B testing your content is perhaps the best method to do this.

TubeBuddy provides a number of tools to help you split-test the optimization of your content before posting it. You may use the tool to discover different titles and verify that your description is optimal. You can opt to perform metadata checks and thumbnail clickthrough rate (CTR) testing.

4. Generate Thumbnails

You must design a thumbnail that will catch viewers' attention if you want them to click on your video. Making stuff like thumbnails is possible using Canva. If you're pressed for time, though, TubeBuddy can also be of assistance.

You may make complementary graphics for your videos with the TubeBuddy thumbnail generator. Emojis, text, photos, and shapes may all be added. Additionally, the program enables you to utilize a variety of themes and store those that you find particularly useful for later use.

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5. Channel Health Reports

You'll have a solid notion of what you're doing well once you've been routinely posting on YouTube for a few months. Additionally, you'll be crystal clear about where you need to improve. Growth depends on understanding how your viewers respond to your videos, and TubeBuddy may assist you in doing so.

You may access channel health reports while using TubeBuddy. You'll see videos relating to the subjects you discuss as well as a summary of your traffic sources. You'll also see your interaction rate, average view time, and other information.

6. Save Money on Additional Channel Tools

YouTube video production requires a lot of labor, and many artists utilize a wide range of tools to make things easier. You should think about the sound effects and music you use in your videos in addition to your channel metrics. You should also think about including B-roll and other elements.

With a TubeBuddy subscription, you may save money on a number of different third-party products. When acquiring a plan for royalty-free music platforms, for instance, you can save money.

Additionally, paid users of TubeBuddy to get access to its mobile app, which is normally $2.99 per month.

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A Useful and Budget-Friendly Tool for YouTube Growth Is TubeBuddy

You need to start acting like a full-time creator right immediately if you want to create a popular YouTube channel in the long term. You will need to spend money on the appropriate equipment to help you get better with each video you submit as a result, in part.

With TubeBuddy, you may obtain various beneficial insights and a cost-effective solution for YouTube growth. Additionally, it's a great SEO tool that helps you rank higher. Furthermore, you may upgrade as your channel expands thanks to its scalable plans.

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