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Like you, I regularly come across a lot of YouTube videos with millions of views. Some producers have the Midas touch or just happen to be lucky, which allows them to effortlessly create viral videos. However, to succeed, the majority of full-time YouTubers employ methods and plans. For instance, a lot of authors conduct keyword research to raise their exposure, discoverability and search ranks. Other users employ a variety of strategies to grow their membership base.

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Although the YouTube Studio program is feature-rich, many producers use third-party tools and services to assist with channel administration, planning, and strategy. These tools include VidIQ, a favorite among YouTubers. Let's go through how it may increase your post's views, subscribers, and income.

Aspire to be a YouTube creator? If so, you should read this post. To expand your YouTube channel, you can make use of a tool. This post will talk about VidIQ. Does this gadget fit your needs? With the help of our in-depth VidIQ review, discover the solution.

What is VidIQ?

Todd Troxell and Rob Sandie created the SaaS software VidIQ to assist YouTube creators like you in finding keywords and themes for your videos. Additionally, it has a strong SEO tool that can help you write descriptions, titles, and tags that are optimized for search engines.

They relocated to the Bay Area to start their internet business and firm, similar to other digital companies. In addition to YouTube SEO techniques, VidIQ offers intelligent tools and channel management solutions.

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Utilizing VidIQ Pro

A strong tool for accelerating YouTube audience growth is VidIQ. You may check the top rivals' VPH, or views per hour, as well as popular videos in your category. While you could make something resembling that video, you shouldn't.

Your description, title, and content may be formatted to talk like the example video, which received a lot of views per hour. If you followed the instructions exactly, YouTube's algorithm will place your video among the top results and list it with other pertinent videos in the search sidebar.

Utilize VidIQ to learn more and get the resources you need to expand your audience more quickly. Analytics, data backup, comment management, marketing, and social media, thumbnail production, competition research, and other tasks may all be handled with VidIQ. It can help you increase the number of YouTube views.

Utilizing VidIQ to Find YouTube Trending Videos

Trending Videos is a feature of the VidIQ Google Chrome Extension. You may enter a term in the YouTube search to get Trending Videos by VidIQ. It will provide the top 10 videos on a particular subject that are currently gaining views. You may find well-known videos that lots of people are now viewing using Trending Videos.

Channel Audit

You may get a strong channel audit tool from VidIQ. You may use it as a powerful tool for video marketing to expand your YouTube channel. You may monitor the effectiveness of your video with this function. Additionally, you can determine what is effective and ineffective. As a result, you may focus on the areas where your content needs to be improved.

The length of your video descriptions, titles, or tags can also be highlighted by the Channel Audit tool. Additionally, it can identify any missing cards, end screens, thumbnails, or playlists.

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How Can I Use VidIQ To Grow My YouTube Channel?

Using VidIQ, you may expand your YouTube channel. To boost your views and subscriptions, you may make advantage of its additional features. You may acquire the necessary information about videos on YouTube using its video scorecard.

You may upload and modify your content using the VidIQ tools as well. You may use Channel Audit to analyze the performance of your video content. It might be your dependable video management partner.

You may enhance all facets of your YouTube channel and videos with the aid of VidIQ, which can provide you with insightful information. It may demonstrate thorough tools that can change your YouTube creating process.

Keyword Engine in VidIQ

Learn what viewers are looking for with the VidIQ Keyword Engine tool. Making relevant material that viewers want to see is therefore possible. It offers keyword analysis, enabling you to concentrate on and improve your films in order to please your audience. You can always stay up to speed on the newest YouTube trends with this choice.

Chrome Extension

Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are now available for VidIQ. As you browse for channels and videos on YouTube, you may install and download these extensions. Although these extensions are free to use, you may access their premium features by signing up for one of their paid plans.


The VidIQ Academy offers both free and paid user-exclusive courses for channel building and YouTube channel growth. It is brimming with practical advice and beneficial examples gleaned from the experience of VidIQ specialists in the field.

It may also give 30 movies on a variety of topics related to finding, producing, distributing, and optimizing video content.

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Web Interface

A user-friendly online interface is provided by VidIQVidIQ is simple to use, therefore using it won't cause you any problems. With a free account, you may access VidIQ. Then, if you want to use the tool's most avant-garde capabilities, you may sign up for subscription plans.

Customer Support

You may choose from a variety of customer support choices throughout VidIQ's subscription programs. It also offers community assistance that can address any problems or inquiries you may have. Chat and email are the two ways that VidIQ interacts with consumers.

The qualified staff at VidIQ can collaborate with you in the best way possible. Therefore, you don't need to be concerned about any possible problems when utilizing VidIQ.

Features of VidIQ

For your YouTube creation requirements, VidIQ is brimming with fantastic features. Let's go through these characteristics below.

1. Best Time to Post 

You may choose the ideal moment to upload your video on your channel with this tool. Additionally, it may show you the hours that your subscribers are using the site.

2. Top playlists 

You may use VidIQ to see how the playlists on your channel are doing.

3. Videos 

You may view your list of videos using VidIQ's functionality, which also displays the number of views, likes, tags, and comments that each video has received. The nicest part of this functionality is that you can edit your video's metadata with only one click.

4. Ember URLs 

You may see the websites in this report that drive traffic to your YouTube content. You might discover that other sites have promoted your content in this way.

5. Subscriber analysis 

A portion of subscribers who have the VidIQ Chrome Extension installed allow VidIQ to gather viewing data. If they aren't watching your material, you'll still be able to tell what videos they are watching.

6. Inline keywords 

The tags for the video will be displayed in the YouTube search results thanks to this functionality. It is a great technique to get a variety of potential keyword ideas in a matter of minutes.

7. Competitors 

You may evaluate your YouTube channel against your competitors using the Competitors tool. Additionally, it could inspire you to expand your channel.

8. Thumbnail editor 

There is a thumbnail editor included with VidIQ. You may use it to create a compelling thumbnail for your videos.

9. YouTube comments management

VidIQ can assist you if you're just starting off with YouTube video production. It offers a tool for managing comments that will help you locate the ones that are most helpful. To boost audience involvement, reply to these remarks.

10. Conversion rates 

You may increase your conversion rates with VidIQ. Therefore, you may increase your online revenue and leads without creating more visitors. You have a lot of chances to use VidIQ to improve channel shares, likes, and view time while also increasing engagement. Better headlines and thumbnail graphics also increase your click-through rates.

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The four programs offered by VidIQ are Basic, Pro, Boost, and Boost+. Discounts are available for multiple channels and yearly billing.

VidIQ PlansPricingFull Feature Access
Basic Plan$0/month8
Pro Plan$7.50/month16
Boost Plan$39/month23
Boost+ Plan$415/month26

Final Word

One of the top tools available for YouTube creators is VidIQ. It has a wide variety of functions that cover the most important aspects of channel building and video optimization. Additionally, it continually expands its feature set. Both of its products are user-friendly and useful, even though its Chrome browser extension is far superior to its web software.

In terms of analytics, data, competition research, and demonetization avoidance, VidIQ excels. Your chances of showing up on the first page of YouTube search results greatly rise thanks to its many keyword research tools. Finding high-ranking phrases to use is made easier by its tag research and management features. In order to help your SEO strategy and improve your exposure, discoverability, and views, VidIQ is a great partner.

There isn't a mobile app for VidIQ. It's not a great miss, though, as many YouTubers probably operate from their computers. Although I think people would prefer such features, I would want to see more comment management and bulk editing choices.

In the end, VidIQ needs to be on your shortlist of creative tools to support your YouTube success. Its Scorecard is too important to leave behind. The numerous video scores and ratings throughout both of its applications educate and inspire producers to raise the bar on their work. You'll be kept updated via the real-time status bar, overlays, and notifications. Its milestone tracker will make sure you're making progress toward your objectives.

To increase your views, subscribers, performance, and income, use the free VidIQ browser extension. For a direct comparison, you may test VidIQ alongside the free Chrome and Firefox extensions from TubeBuddy.

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