How Does Canva Work and What Is It? Advice & Methods


Canva is a name you've probably heard of if you're new to the creative industry. What precisely is it, though, and how can you utilize it?

You've probably heard of Canva if you work with online material in any way. Since its release in 2012, the tool has been one of the most well-liked options for content creators who want to develop and repurpose material without having to have a strong background in design.

If you're new to the field, it could be a little challenging to understand what Canva is and what you can accomplish with it. What precisely is Canva, then? The platform can be used for what, then?

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What Is Canva?

Canva is a free online graphic design tool popular with freelancers and small businesses, although it is available to artists of all sizes. In 2021, the corporation, which has its headquarters in Australia, had more than 70 million active users.

Canva has operations outside of Australia in seven other countries, with a corporate valuation in the billions of dollars:

  • The UK
  • The Philippines
  • Austria
  • The US
  • The Czech Republic
  • New Zealand
  • China

The fundamental tools of Canva are available for free usage. You must upgrade to Canva Pro, though, if you want access to a greater range of elements, templates, and other features.

What Is the Use of Canva?

Let's look at Canva's applications now that you are familiar with what it is. Here is a list of some of the things the platform allows you to perform.

1. Graphic Design

One of the primary reasons people use Canva is for graphic design. The program allows you to build a variety of designs, including advertising campaigns. You can make characters and visuals for the website if you're building one as a freelancer or working with a client to do so.

You may design a logo that represents your values and establishes your brand if you are an independent contractor. Of course, you may make use of stronger technologies like Adobe InDesign. Canva, however, offers a ton of customization choices that enable you to rapidly produce something that looks professional.

2. Social Media Content

Many producers' marketing tactics include a significant amount of social media. You probably already know how much time may be spent developing content for various platforms if you have a social media presence or have previously handled a company's social media accounts. It is made simpler with Canva, though.

You can produce captivating content with Canva for a variety of social networking sites. For Instagram posts on both your regular feed and Stories, you may pick from pre-sized designs.

Additionally, creating banners for your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages are simple using Canva.

3. Photo Editing

You'll probably need photo-editing software like Adobe Lightroom if you routinely snap images. But mastering such tools takes a lot of time. Canva allows you to make quick modifications to your images.

Canva offers a variety of picture editing tools, including sliders that enable you to change the saturation and other elements. Additionally, you may trim your photos, apply effects, and do a lot more.

On Canva, you can alter pictures by taking off backgrounds and applying auto-adjustments.

4. YouTube Thumbnails

Whatever your primary creative endeavor, you undoubtedly have a few YouTubers you enjoy watching who discuss your subject. In addition to teaching you a lot, they may have given you the motivation to launch your own YouTube channel. However, even though many artists devote a lot of effort to their films, not all of them pay enough attention to thumbnails.

It's essential to have a captivating thumbnail if you want people to click on your content. These can easily be made with Canva and don't require a lot of time.

Numerous thumbnail designs are available on Canva, and you may even create your own from scratch.

5. Resumes

Canva is utilized for a variety of things, despite being mostly connected with graphic design and content creation. Canva is a great tool for creating a resume that makes you stand out if you're searching for a new job.

You may browse through all of Canva's resume templates to find which ones are perfect for you. You may present the facts you need to provide in an appealing manner and, if you'd like, include a picture of yourself.

You may utilize a variety of Canva components to include additional crucial details on your resume, including your email address.

6. Presentations

Although popular presentation-making programs like Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides exist, they are not your only choices. Canva has a ton of alternatives for creating presentations, whether you need one for business or a class at the university.

Canva offers a variety of presentation templates. Colors, fonts, and other design elements may be changed to suit your preferences. Canva's presentation tools are useful for a variety of tasks, including writing plans for a future project, defending a dissertation, and preparing financial reports.

7. Infographics

Infographics perform well in emails and on social media, and they are a great way to get readers interested in your blog entries. Look no further than Canva for a simple tool to make them.

Canva offers a variety of infographic designs that span a wide range of topics. Along with other templates that follow a different sort of logical order, you can select ones that contain numbered spots for you to fill out. Of course, you may create your own from scratch as well.

8. Blog Post Cover Images

Many businesses and independent contractors blog, and some people turn their writing online into a full-time job. You may make your blog post covers appear more distinctive even if you utilize free stock picture sources.

You have a wide range of possibilities when using Canva to create a blog post cover picture. As a starting point, you may select from stock photos and import images from other sources. If you want to add a title, you may also choose from a variety of typefaces.

There are several tools available that will let you take an illustrated approach if that's what you like.

Canva: A Practical Resource for Artists

You ought to know more about Canva now that you've finished reading this tutorial. The tool may be used for a variety of tasks, many of which are beneficial for individuals who work in the arts. If you're not in the creative industry, you may still utilize it if you need to create a CV, for example.

Even while Canva Pro offers a number of advantages, many users will find the free version to be quite useful. Why not register and check out your creations?

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